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We are performance remapping specialists based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, established in 2010. We can tune any car, van, truck or boat - as long as it has an engine ECU we can optimise it's settings to enable increased power, improved throttle response, and improve MPG for diesel vehicles. 

Our first class service offers excellent value for money. All of our tuning calibrations have been thoroughly dyno tested to ensure optimum results. This rigorous development enables an excellent blend of power, economy, and reliability. All maps remain within safe working parameters for any given engine, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle will perform as it should for many years to come.


Our highly skilled technicians provide a friendly, and professional service, ensuring the highest level of customer service. We have a wealth of reviews which attest to the quality of our work, the expert knowledge of our technicians, and the satisfaction of our customers.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment, and specialist tools required to work on all modern cars. However, the biggest, and most important tool we carry is our knowledge. We have extensive previous experience in vehicle diagnostics, then subsequent training, and experience in specialist car electrical repairs. We use our comprehensive skill set, and apply it to remapping and tuning. This means we know vehicles inside, and out. We regularly attend new technology training courses so that we keep up to date in industry advancements, and stay ahead of competitors in the ever changing modern motor vehicle world. 


  • 20-35% extra horsepower & torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Improved diesel economy – usually 5-8% but often more
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Enhanced drivability
  • Please check our FAQ page for more information or drop us an email


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